HP: 900

Exp: 445

Description Edit

The predator is a medium-sized member of the giant spider family. It is smaller than an archenaid, but bigger than a pisaura. Predators may be found in deep caves along with other giant spiders. Similar to the pisaura's way of striking, it also takes advantage of well-designed fangs, which it drives against the victim's body with terrible strength. Additionally, the predator is quite fast and therefore even more fearsome, since evading is harder than one might expect, especially when feeling the huge pain of its venom simultaneously.

Location Edit

Predators can be found on the deep inside the caves south of Aylestone. Some can also be found in the spider cave of North Milthorn.

Hunting Strategy Edit

Predators are extremely fast and thus they are almost impossible to run from. Like with the Archenaid, keep a Pisaura nearby to help with the poison.

Loot Edit

Copper Coins, Meat, Large Meat, Firestone Amulet, Bronze Plate Armor, Hunting Dagger, Plated Gauntlets, Plated Helmet