Plants are far more important than a normal adventurer would think! You can mix and match and use plants along with other ingredients to make potions and even some of the plants themselves have healing properties.

Name Craftable Weight Description Locations Dropped By Sell Buy
Y 75g These flowers have healing properties  ?  ?  ? 25cc (Emily)
Fireweed Seeds
Fireweed seed
Y 22g These seeds have healing properties  ?  ?  ? 50cc (Emily)
Xillis Mushroom
Xillis mushroom
Y 15g This fungus has magic-enhancing properties  ?  ?  ? 20cc per (Emily)
Green Leafs
Green leafs
Y 15g -  ? Rhodosus, Trow  ? 1cc per (Emily)
Cerulean Mint 
Cerulean mint
Y 15g -  ?  ?  ? 3cc (Emily)