Outlaw Hunter

HP: 350

Exp: 275

Description Edit

Using distance fighting as their way of attacking, rangers are only rarely in the front lines. Instead, they support bandits and thieves with bow and poisoned arrow. Since hand-to-hand fighting is their weak point, they try to avoid it at all costs. Harnessing their high grade of accuracy, it is said that rangers induce a feeling of safety to any bandit or thief.

Location Edit


The outlaws have taken over the mines in the Hilafo region. Most outlaw hunters can be found here, both on the surface as well as the deep down in the shafts. The extensive mine shafts offer a large area for them to take refuge with only a few entrances to protect. Three different entrances to these mine exist.

A small number are can also be found in a fortress in the eastern part of Firlow.

Hunting Strategy Edit

Outlaw hunters are mostly distance fighters but they switch to melee once you approach them. They run away as you get close to keep the distance advantage. The best strategy for a melee fighter is to rush towards them head on until they hit a wall. They have both lower defense and health points than outlaw bandits yet yield higher experience points. Make sure you don't run into an ambush as you try and corner the hunter. For distance fighters you will want to kill them first if faced with both bandits and hunters as they are a quick kill.

Loot Edit

Copper Coins, Bindle Bag, Javelin, Vial Of Mana Elixir, Vial Of Health Elixir ,Archer's Haubergeon,Hunter's Tunic,Recurve Bow,Hunting Bow,